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Barker's Blessing Boxes

Location 1

Garden Retreat

Nestled in a beautiful garden between Altgeld and N. Maplewood Ave.

This Three-Tier House has dual purposes. Nourishing bellies along with increasing literacy in children by the way of reading. The top house, along with the left shed is designated for young readers. The primary focus on the bottom right shed is providing essential food items and seasonal attire.. Funding for the project was made possible by Blessed by Barker's and Carmelita Tiu. Special Thanks to Nancy at Neighbor to Neighbor Literacy for helping us with installation!

Barker's Blessing Boxes

Location 2

Yellow Showstopper

Our Humboldt Park box is located near North Ave. & California. On Luis Munoz Marin Dr. 

Watch out Chicago, because our Yellow Show-stopping box is shining brightly in Humboldt Park. With many encampments surrounding Humboldt Park, Blessed By Barker's wanted to shed love and light to our unhoused neighbors. Come take a look for yourself and leave an item or two to help our neighbors in this area. 

Barker's Blessing Boxes

Location 3

Green Machine

Placed near the busy intersection of N. Damen and Fullerton. 

This unique Two-Story Newspaper Stand was converted into a spacious blessing box! Filled with food, essential clothing attire, and books, this show stopping blessing box touches the hearts of our neighbors. This box was placed intentionally near the busy corner of Damen and Fullerton in Chicago, IL.

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