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Frequently Asked Questions

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Find answers to some of the questions that you may have regarding Blessed by Barker's.

We’ve addressed some of the most common ones below, but if something isn’t clear feel free to contact us.

We’ll be happy to assist you in any way possible.

Preserved Food

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Barker's Blessing Box (BBB). We want to thank you in advance for your generous donations. We greatly appreciate non-perishable packaged food and snack items.

Our boxes are intended for our neighbors to grab a quick snack or bite at anytime of the day (24/7 365 days with no reservations). We believe that no one should go hungry. Let's keep the box stocked! Please refer below to our guidelines. Thank you for your support!


- Blessed By Barker Team.

Suggested and Welcomed Items (Non-Perishable Packaged Foods)

Volunteers Packing Food

Food Items: Peanut butter (any nut-butter), granola bars, chips, crackers, cookies, applesauce, breakfast bars, dry cereal, trail-mix, jerky/meat sticks, pop-top or tear away canned tuna/chicken, water, (sport drinks), dry milk, Any drinks that will not spoil. Packaged non-perishable foods that have an expiration date is highly recommended.. Along with pop-top or tear away food items.

Seasonal attire items: Socks, gloves, hats, scarves, hand/footwarmers/ small throws/quilts.

Hygiene items: toothbrush/paste, deodorant, feminine hygiene, hand wipes, sanitizers, masks, gloves, hair brushes,

travel size lotions, conditioner/shampoo, body soap. 

Unwelcomed Items (Perishable foods)

Canned Goods

Opened, half-eaten, or expired foods. Fresh fruit/veggies, bread/bagels/buns, milk (dairy products that need refrigeration, any raw food, frozen food, any fresh bakery items, eggs (cooked or uncooked). By no means do we welcome alcohol, CBD foods, or any illicit drugs.


BBB ask that you treat the boxes with care. If you notice opened, expired, or unwelcomed foods in the box or around the box area, please throw away. Please use clean hands when placing items and approach box with respect, love, and care. If box is unclean or needs a deep cleaning please email BBB. 


Blessed By Barkers is not responsible for any food items taken and or eaten from the Blessing Box. Any patron(s) that takes food and drink(s) items from the box is eating at their own risk and discretion. Although, Blessed by Barker's tries our best to monitor items in the box, we cannot guarantee all items that come into the box- by donations. Therefore, we are not liable for any possible harm that may come to you from consumption of any food taken from the box.

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