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Blessed By Barker's

Canned Goods

Helping Feed
Our Neighbors,
One Box
At A Time.

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About Us

Here at Blessed by Barker's, we are driven to do our part in changing the world by helping feed the hungry. Since 2018, we have joined in on various activities and community events to help uplift and encourage our neighbors who are in need. 

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to, Help Feed Our Neighbors, One Box At A Time.

We spread love to our unhoused and food-insecure neighbors

by providing access to our food pantry boxes.

(Blessing Boxes)

Our Love Story:

Our Story starts from love. 

Because the God we serve is love, we at Blessed by Barker's

want to mimic his love by spreading it around. 

Loving Thy Neighbor As Thyself is what we live by.

How it Began:

After moving to Chicago in 2015, Blessed By Barker's began noticing several issues in the City of Chicago.
The increased rate of homelessness in and around the city and the issues with Food-Insecurities. 


While working in the inner-city hospitals as a Registered Nurse and Certified Diabetes Care and Educational Special, Tamara Barker, the Founder of Blessed By Barker's, began noticing gaps (health inequities and disparities) in the healthcare system while educating patients. 


Noticing Gaps in the system, Tamara thought it was unfair for her patient's to choose between two life necessities: buying food or medications. Finding a solution for her patients and the surrounding population  was her main objective.


She began working with Board Leaders in the hospital and the Greater Chicago Food Depository to help institute a Food Pantry. Her goal, along with the hospital's, was to provide relief to food-insecure patients (afford food and medication; economic stability) while still having access to quality healthcare.


In 2019, the hospital's food pantry was instituted and Tamara's love for philanthropy began.


In 2021, Tamara placed her first Food Pantry Box (Blessing Box) in The City of Chicago.

Currently, Blessed By Barker's has three boxes in the city, with more to come.

"Acknowledging a need of someone other than myself 

and then meeting that need,

stirred-up my spirit to do more."


- Tamara Barker

Our Goal:

To help address, acknowledge, and meet the needs of our hungry neighbors, by placing an abundant amount of Food Pantry (Blessing Boxes) around the City of Chicago. Blessed By Barker's helps provide free food but also other essential items to our neighbors in need, 24/7 365.

Soup Kitchen

Ways We Help

Blessing Boxes

Helping Those Who Need Us Most

Sharing Libraries 

The Future Looks Bright

Blessing Bags

Neighbors helping neighbors.


Making Change Possible

Volunteers at Food Bank


February 4th, 2023

April 5th, 2022

April 28th, 2021

Blessed by Barker's Places Unique Sharing Library in Logan Square.

September 30, 2019

Blessed by Barker's Helps Local Hospital institute Food Pantry.

September 27, 2018

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